One of my favorite online peeps whom I’ve met in person and is the real deal, Hayley – the Tiny Twig, said in a recent post that she misses the “old” internet where people’s blogs were about what they did recently and not so jam-packed with information flying at us all the time like the internet today. That sentiment popped into my head when I knew I needed to write something, but couldn’t choose between the zillions of ideas floating… Read more »


I’ve been working on perfectionism lately. One of the things I’ve been trying to do in my business for a couple of years now is launch a new service model for the way we create and deliver websites. It’s also a refinement of our target audience and better alignment with the style of design I love best. As I’ve progressed with my work towards acting imperfectly, I’ve made great strides in launching my vision for this new product line to… Read more »

I didn’t complete the 31 Days series. And I’m okay with that. I’m giving myself some grace. I actually had already chosen all 31 things I was grateful for, so in a way, I completed the challenge of being grateful for 31 things. Just so they’re out there in the world, here’s the rest of the list: 18. Travel 19. The Internet 20. Support Groups 21. Ice Cream 22. Books and printed word 23. Vacations 24. Grace 25. Education 26…. Read more »

2014-10-15 18.59.19

The thing about this writing challenge is when you get behind, you tend to get WAY behind. I fell off the wagon for a while and am about a week behind. So, instead of calling myself a failure, or sitting down and writing umpteen posts to catch up, I’ll just write one that contains all of the days’ worth of things I missed and call it good. There’s a time in the past when I would’ve sought perfection and tried… Read more »

I’m in the mood for keeping it simple again today. That’s why I’m grateful for modern entertainment. Although I try not to watch too much, I enjoy sitting down at the end of a long day and watching some shows I’ve recorded on DIRECTV. Between that and Netflix, I’d have a hard time not finding anything to watch. It’s surprising though, how often I have something specific in mind, and can’t find it in either location. Among my favorites are: Grey’s… Read more »