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The thing about this writing challenge is when you get behind, you tend to get WAY behind. I fell off the wagon for a while and am about a week behind. So, instead of calling myself a failure, or sitting down and writing umpteen posts to catch up, I’ll just write one that contains all of the days’ worth of things I missed and call it good. There’s a time in the past when I would’ve sought perfection and tried… Read more »

I’m in the mood for keeping it simple again today. That’s why I’m grateful for modern entertainment. Although I try not to watch too much, I enjoy sitting down at the end of a long day and watching some shows I’ve recorded on DIRECTV. Between that and Netflix, I’d have a hard time not finding anything to watch. It’s surprising though, how often I have something specific in mind, and can’t find it in either location. Among my favorites are: Grey’s… Read more »

My Dad, my brother and me on top of the World Trade Center sometime around 1986.

There are so many people I’m hearing about that have cancer and terminal illness. I’m extremely grateful that I have my health. Yes, I wish I didn’t have a leftover baby bump, but Jennifer Garner said it perfectly. We’ll see if that changes cultural acceptance of post-pregnancy bodies. One of the things I’m most scared of is getting cancer, or losing a loved one to it. I think I have great reason to obsess over the thought. After all, everyone… Read more »

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Today, I’m grateful for Creativity. I’ve been spending time around a lot of creative people lately. Sometimes, it’s easy to feel like I’ve got this creative thing in the bag and that whatever I want to create – I should just go forth and do. However, that’s not always the way I feel. The biggest downside to being creative is this nasty little thing called comparison. It’s a double-edged sword because I’m learning to be confident that the inadequacy I… Read more »

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One of my favorite things about our new house is the drive in and out of the area. Every day, I get to drive past these gorgeous views I feel like I’m driving through the pages of a magazine.