I had a grad school professor who preached that we all live most of life asleep. I don’t know what to call it….asleep…in a fog…whatever it is, it’s amazing how long we can go without really experiencing much of life. Sometimes you get enough of a dose of reality to completely shake you up and force you to see things differently for various amounts of time. Sometimes it’s enough of a jolt to lift you completely out of the fog… Read more »


What a way to announce a pregnancy – on your dead son’s blog no less. I figured I should dive right in and give you the gender at the same time because frankly, it’s all a little awkward for me. Actually, that’s an understatement. I truly hope I don’t offend anyone by not having told them in a more personal way. See, I’m 20 weeks today and to tell you the truth, I really would like to have gone through… Read more »

Where do you turn when you feel alone in the world? The answer for any person of faith is God. But, society has created a place that lets many people to tune into their inner-narcissist…social media. I’ve been trying to avoid the temptation to run to my blog and spill my guts for the world to read because it’s therapeutic and feeds the human condition of needing to feel important and necessary. I should really be turning to prayer and… Read more »

I haven’t been participating much in the Capture Your Grief Project, which was by choice – I was relieved to see that we were encouraged to participate no matter how much or how little we posted. Today, I saw a post on Facebook, though, and it caught my attention. It’s Jewelry day. At the hospital, the nurse told me about a jeweler that makes beautiful, stainless steel necklaces for moms who lose a baby. All we had to do was… Read more »

The hospital provided us with clay to make hand and footprints

This post has been in my head for a while and I’m just getting around to write it. I read lots of other baby loss blogs and am always very interested in seeing how people use the photos they have of their babies. I wanted to address my take on things and finally share some of the images I have of James. I feel like the photos I have of James are very personal and private. I was blessed to… Read more »